Directors Messages

Managing Director

Following a seven-year career in the British Army, which saw Richard serving operationally in Northern Ireland, he has worked within security management for over nineteen years. Working closely with clients, industry leaders and regulatory authorities to understand the market’s challenges and commercial requirements, whilst developing priorities, resources and business models by directing his senior management team.

Richard has successfully directed and managed the re-branding and market position of Secur-it. As Managing Director Richard provides Secur-it with an unrivalled combination of experience in operations, logistics, leadership and management. It has been these foundations that have resulted in Richard Directing one of the most successful Security Company’s within the UK and Europe.

Richard is a proven high achiever within the commercial security industry, able to coordinate concurrent business opportunities, whilst sustaining the highest level of delivery and client satisfaction. Richard has coordination of all facets of the Company consistent with strategic intention and operational requirements; strategy evaluation, whilst ensuring continued liaison with all stakeholders.

Operations Director

Matt began his career as a Royal Marines Commando and completed six years service, during that time he deployed to various challenging environments from the Jungle, Arctic and the Desert. Matt left the armed forces to pursue a career as a professional sportsman whilst simultaneously setting up his own business. After gaining considerable experience in the commercial sector he then transferred his skill set to the private security sector. He has regularly operated in hostile environments around the world.

Matt is a firm believer in the team approach, with an emphasis on customer service. He maintains close relationships with our customers and business partners, both directly and through the operational teams, and is always looking to improve the services of Secur-it.

Having successfully implemented ISO 9001 Accreditation into Secur-it, Matthew is key in development within the company.

Commercial Director

Steve began his career as a Royal Marines Commando and completed seven years of service in some of the worlds’ most arduous environments, under the most challenging of conditions and on a number of occasions he supported UK Special Forces Units. Upon leaving the armed forces Steve entered the private security industry; he has operated in an array of close protection appointments on a global scale, from Iraq to the pirate infested waters of the Gulf of Aden. Taking command of four man teams that have served within Elite or Special British forces, Steve has first hand experience, as an on the ground operations coordinator.

Steve progressed within the World’s largest maritime security company to become the MD of the land based service offering. This is where Steve progressed within the commercial side of the security industry and soon realised a passion for exceeding clients’ expectations. Steve has an enthusiastic, comprehensive, cross-sector selling approach with a successful track record of delivering results, being well aware that, all parties require tangible evidence that his substantive service can be consistently delivered.