Having worked with various media broadcasters Secur-it provide accredited media protection trained former Elite and Special Forces operatives within hostile environments around the globe. Closer to home Secur-it provide risk mitigation for broadcasters on some of the UK’s largest sporting events as well large house hold television productions.

Secur-it ensure operatives are punctual, smartly dressed and can interact with the production team, ensuring clear and concise passage of information at all times. From experience Secur-it appreciate that an understanding of the production brief is key critical to the success of a production or news team report. Secur-it Operation’s and Control Room pride itself on having a very hands on approach.

Proven time and time again Secur-it’s operatives on the ground can deploy at short notice around the UK focusing on the continuity of utilising the same operatives to protect assets and key critical areas. Secur-it believe that this is a very important factor to build the relationship between the production team on the ground ensuring trust, reliability and the confidence the production team are secure as well as the reputation of the broadcast company.

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