Secur-it Patrol & Secure buildings and premesis providing a visual deterrent which will ensure protection of assets and reputation. Utilising uniformed and non-uniformed guards this is a highly successful method of deterring crime and mitigating threat.

Manned Guards

Our static guards provide 24 hour manned guarding for commercial and retail premises. We can also arrange 24 hour Dog assisted patrols, our Dog Handlers are highly trained to handle their dogs with great expertise and professionalism. We are experienced in deterring shoplifters as well as apprehending them. The Human Presence is still the best form of loss prevention as well as providing a safe environment for our clients. Our mobile patrols can provide back up response for licensed premises, Key holding duties, alarm response, environmental monitoring and provide support to the Police against Anti-Social Behaviour and Public Disorder

Retail Security

Every Store wants to provide a secure and safe environment for their customers to have a pleasant shopping experience success. However, in current time’s retail organisations are facing very challenging security issues that can often lead to customer Dissatisfaction and high Stock loss. Loss prevention is a plays a major part in success of any business.

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