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For Retail, Construction, Industrial, Hospitality and Leisure, Education, Healthcare, Public Sector and Facilities.

Different properties require different lighting systems and designs, and making the right choices is essential. Our experienced team can provide:


  • Free inspections / surveys

  • Product recommendations and system designs

  • The supply and installation of the chosen systems

  • Regular maintenance and inspections


We can also support you in moving to an LED-based lighting system, which can deliver significant energy efficiency savings in comparison to conventional fluorescent tubes.

Mains power supplies can’t be relied upon in the event of a fire, so an independent emergency lighting system adds an important safety dimension. It enables occupants to orientate themselves quickly and, crucially, to identify the nearest fire exits, facilitating a safe and efficient evacuation.


What we offer.

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Professionalism, ethical standards, legal and operational knowledge are a defined code of conduct which govern all Secur-It’s operations, without being dogmatic and inflexible. These are the ingredients of a truly bespoke, customer-focused approach.

We are an SIA approved company for Security Guarding - 


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0330 053 9019


Registered in England and Wales

Company Registration Number: 09588828

0330 053 9019


Registered in England and Wales

Company Registration Number: 10988628

Integrated Services Ltd

Group Ltd 

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