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For Retail, Construction, Industrial, Hospitality and Leisure, Education, Healthcare, Public Sector and Facilities.

They are commonly chosen as a permanent element of a security system, but they can also be used on a temporary basis. They may be used, for example, if building owners have noticed persistent suspicious behaviour, repeated nuisance or intrusion. In such cases, the introduction of a PIR video system may be enough to deter further actions or, at worst, to trigger an alarm and gather evidence to support legal action.


They are also very commonly used on construction sites, which are typically subject to continuing change. Initially, the site may be demarcated by a perimeter fence, after which, buildings, stores and plant may gradually be added. It’s therefore important that security measures are scalable and capable of affording proper protection as the size and complexity of the site increases. To facilitate this, we offer a range of devices, all completely wireless and battery-operated, so they can be installed very quickly and provide almost immediate site protection.


Using such systems, we can respond and deploy a solution very quickly. We can deliver complete protection for your site and, depending upon your location, we can often have the system installed and working within just hours of your enquiry.

Passive infra-red (PIR) video cameras work reliably in all light conditions and can be used to track movement. They can be linked to security lighting and cameras, and use intelligent software to record specific or unusual events.


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0330 053 9019


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