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This client from the construction industry was awarded the contract to build the new Leicester City football training academy over several acres of rural land. The client had a complex site with several areas of work with plant and equipment spread across these areas. They had previously experienced theft on other sites and had required a higher calibre of Security Officer due to the nature of the equipment and the areas increased crime levels.


The complex site required multiple Security Officers working in unison to prevent theft and damage to plant and the on-going construction areas. Officers rotated between manning the main entrance, roving patrols and monitoring the CCTV system. Patrols include checking the integrity of the fence line and security of units around the site.


The client have suffered no losses or criminal damage to the site, searches have identified and recovered stock from employees.


This fashion retail client operating nationally has faced a severe increase in the number of incidents within in stores from low level shoplifting to steaming and violence to colleagues. The offenders were not deterred by CCTV or other security devices like security tags. The increase in incidents and the lack of Police response resulted in the client been targeted by repeat offenders. The client could not tolerate the risk to its Employees and had to take action to minimise the threat to life and reduce losses within its stores.


Secur-It were chosen to deliver Elite Security Officers to support the safety of the store colleagues and reduce attempted theft. The Officers were chosen due to their stature and their professional approach. The calibre of the Officers deployed deterred the vast majority of aggression towards store colleagues and when an incident occurred, the Officer dealt with these accordingly.


The client saw a 71% decrease in the number of violent incidents within their stores within a space of two months and a reduction in store theft by 64%.


This client is one of the best-known multi floored department stores with multiple sites across the UK. These sites represented challenging scenarios to protect the high value assets with various egress points. This open access to goods and the introduction of the plastic bag charge impacted on the levels of theft within the stores.


Secur-It deployed Security Officers to each door in each store to act as a concierge service, welcoming customers into the store while being proactive on deterring known individuals from entering. When an individual entered the store, who was suspected to be a potential threat, the Officer would communicate with the rest of the team and they would rotate to prevent any theft. Security Officers also supported the safety of the store colleagues and secured the store after trading had concluded.


The client has seen a reduction of theft by 61% since the deployment of the Secur-It Officers, there was also a reduction in colleague safety incidents by 28%.


This client, a leading UK Aggregate company had repeated incidents of planned and opportunistic theft over a short period across a rural sand and gravel quarry. The site has multiple critical areas which had all seen effective thefts, with loss of materials and production.

Total Materials lost - £31,000

Total Production lost - £96,000


Secur-it were asked to provide a scale of solutions that would prevent and deter any future criminal activity.

Option 1 - Provide a monitored CCTV system on the main production quarry with analytics, allowing the sites critical assets to be protected with line crossing detection. Provide full audio coverage of the site, allowing the monitoring station to live challenge intruders, while observing their actions.

Install a fibre cable along 1.5km of the conveyor, covering the most likely area of theft, and install long range thermal detection at intervals to provide full protection to the conveyor and cable assets.

All viewable at the site office and via smart phone apps.

Option 2 - Provide a monitored CCTV system on the main production quarry with analytics, allowing the sites critical assets to be protected with line crossing detection. Provide full audio coverage of the site, allowing the monitoring station to live challenge intruders, while observing their actions.

Install a monitored, wireless HD motion-viewer system at critical access points across the conveyors length to provide HD clips to the monitoring station of any unauthorized events, and allow them to activate sirens and strobes to deter further activity.


The client went for option 2, option 1 falling outside of budget constraints, and due to the fact that periodically conveyor routes would need to change. The wireless option being much more flexible and cost effective to relocate.

In addition, Secur-it geographically sourced the best local Security responder to ensure that the best response times to incidents could be achieved.


Secur-it worked in partnership with the client Security Advisers, land-owners and local fisheries to ensure effective application and installation of the security system over a 2 week period.

Since the system was installed (18 months ago), several intruders were detected on site out of hours. In each case the issue of live audio challenge, allowed the monitoring station to view the intruders leave site at speed. It also identified several points of entry areas that have since been bolstered to prevent further incursions.


The Client, a leading and award-winning UK construction company, took on a prestigious £200,000,000 project over 2 years, with high media attention and a busy VIP visitors schedule throughout. An integrated solution was requested requiring.

  1. Site construction viewing from office PCs & timelapse

  2. HSE event coverage and prevention

  3. Physical security (day-time gateman duties to a high standard)

  4. Security of offices, materials, and plant


Man guarding

Secur-it reached back into the guarding operations who sourced our so called “Elite Guard” operator, who could not only appear presentable, but would be capable of handling access to a multitude of contractors, VIP visits and become an integral part of the construction team.


Secur-it surveyed the site with construction site Project Directors & Managers to provide a lean, but effective method of security.

  1. The monitored system denied access to site critical assets via analytic software, each area was covered with line crossing detection to deny access and live audio to verbally challenge intruders.

  2. HSE analytics were employed on cameras / recorders to provide alerts to managers where PPE infractions had taken place.

  3. The cameras were viewable at multiple screens across the site, reception, guard cabin viewing on a tablet allowing them to identify where POCs were on site, and point out key areas to visiting contractors.

  4. A timelapse camera covered the complete install with a viewing portal and professional production process.


Secur-it deployed to site over a short 3-day period to install and commission the system on the required start date, ensuring that managers were consulted on camera viewing where flexibility could be afforded. Guards were trained on basic operation of the camera system to be able to provide additional visual capacity across the site.

The site incurred no major security incidents over the duration of the build. Several contractors were dismissed from site for either multiple HSE infractions or security concerns.

Multiple VIP visits occurred on site with successful results outcomes, the build was handed over on time and on budget.

Secur-it were ringfenced as preferred supplier of security services for all current and future projects.

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