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For Retail, Construction, Industrial, Hospitality and Leisure, Education, Healthcare, Public Sector and Facilities.

In some high-temperature industrial environments, for example, ordinary sensors might sometimes produce false alarms. By contrast, CCTV may be better able to distinguish the early signs of fire as a result of changes in light conditions, thermal sensing and the ability to detect flames.


A reduction in false alarms will minimise unnecessary disruption to routine operations, while faster detection of genuine fires will facilitate a quicker response and, consequently, a reduced risk of loss and damage.


Ready to protect your business? Great! We’re here to take care of all your commercial security, guarding, fire protection and monitoring needs. Please get in touch to tell us about your requirements, and one of our technicians will be on hand to help.

CCTV can be combined with thermal imaging and data analytics to create effective fire detection systems in zones where more conventional detectors may be inappropriate or inefficient.


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