A visible intruder alarm acts as an important deterrent to opportunistic thieves and vandals. It also helps to ensure a swift response in the event that it’s triggered. Importantly, our systems can be linked to our dedicated monitoring centre so that their effectiveness isn’t limited to the audible range of the alarm itself. That means more reliable performance, faster reaction times and fewer false alarms.


For many businesses, a panic alarm or lone-working device provides an important sense of safety and reassurance, particularly when staff may sometimes work in isolation or find themselves in potentially confrontational situations. Whether it’s for a busy bank or an all-night retail outlet, we can design an ideal system that keeps the workplace and your people secure.


Operating as an intrinsic part of an intruder alarm system, panic alarms allow staff to sound an audible or silent alert in the event of a problem. They may be installed in fixed locations (e.g. by doors) or used as a mobile device. When activated, they will alert the monitoring centre, which will be able to match the alert to the registered address and mount an appropriate response.

Lone-working systems perform a similar role but they are individually locatable using GPRS/GSM technology. They also feature sensors that can detect certain ‘alert’ conditions, such as falls or when the device is left in a horizontal position – e.g. if the user is unexpectedly prone. In such events, the device will send a signal to our monitoring station so that the user can be traced and his/her status checked.


Supplied by the best-known names in the industry, our employee safety systems also enable our operators to listen in to your site and, where necessary, to open up a 2-way communication channel with your staff. This can act as a deterrent to intruders and reassure your workers that the situation is actively being dealt with.


CCTV is a common feature of many security systems – and with excellent reason. It’s an effective and visible deterrent, it can secure vital evidence in the event of an intrusion or other incident, and can be linked with many other security measures to maximise the protection of property, staff, customers, visitors and assets.


However, the applications of CCTV go far beyond security. When combined with analytics and artificial intelligence, CCTV and its associated software can gather and report upon a multitude of data. In turn, this can deliver vital information that would otherwise be too labour-intensive to collect.  The results can inform management decisions on finances and investment, marketing, customer services, security, loss-prevention, health & safety, and a host of other considerations.


Important applications include:


Our access control systems empower you to control the movement of people, stock and assets across your sites. They include:


  • Door entry systems

  • Contactless entry

  • Biometrics access

  • Standalone systems

  • Network systems

  • Wander-control systems for assisted living

Importantly, access data can also be logged to provide valuable management information such as time and attendance data, and permissions can be managed remotely for greater security and flexibility. Our systems also meet all relevant health & safety requirements, including those relating to issues such as fire, emergency evacuation and roll-call.


CCTV, GPS and radio-based technologies make it easier than ever for businesses to keep track of vehicles, stock and other assets. These systems can feed data back to our CATII alarm-receiving centre, where all the information is available to give you a clear, real-time understanding of where your assets are and how they’re moving.

  • Effective, reliable tracking: 24/7, anywhere in the world

  • Clear and valuable management data

  • Ideal for logistics and supply chain monitoring

  • An important deterrent to theft

  • A valuable tool for the recovery of stolen assets


Crucially, we can bring together some or all of the above elements to create a fully integrated system, with capabilities that extend well beyond the remit of security alone.


Interaction between systems, and the ability to programme them, means that building owners can make them reactive to different conditions and use them to generate a range of important outputs. They can deliver management information in many forms, bringing benefits to departments including production, purchasing, sales and marketing, finance, health and safety, storage and logistics.

The increasing versatility of integrated systems affords ever more scope for efficiency and bespoke solutions. As experts in the individual systems and in their integration, we now offer you solutions of unrivalled effectiveness.


  • A complete in-house solution

  • Governed by an ethical, consultative, value-driven approach

  • Fully accredited and legally compliant

  • Projects of any scale and complexity

  • An extensive and dependable supply chain

  • Supported by our own central monitoring station

  • Remote fault diagnosis and prevention

  • Fast, effective responses

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